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What do you need?

Most agencies and consultancies think that creativity is about what colour your logo is

or whether you have flash animations in your website, or if you have a tricksy slogan on your promotional pen (oh please!)…

It’s not. We think a creative approach to business requires a balance between four key areas – insight, purpose, truth and beauty. You can read something about these in our books – or you can ask us directly what it means for your business.


Insight is only possible when you research your business, your customers (and their needs) in a creative and constructive way.  Mostly a questionnaire just won’t work. We design and carry out research to generate insight into any business or marketing problem; finding out what customers really feel, think, believe and do.  Or we can analyse the minutiae of your production process from beginning to end to see where you generate profit or lose momentum.

Then we present the findings in a way that you can plug straight into your strategy and take action.


A new look at your strategy and marketing often leads to a refreshing change of perspective. We can help you renew and refine your sense of purpose to set new, exciting and achievable goals. For you and your business. You might develop new products or new ways of communicating. You might just get more efficient and more profitable.


Who else will tell you the truth about your business, your customers or your product? Great marketing stories link the truth of a customer’s need with the truth of a product or service that really meets it. Sometimes you need to be told a harsh truth – but because we’re independent we can, and do.


Creativity works best when you’ve got insight and a sense of purpose. And it helps to tell the truth. So, to translate your truth into effective communications we have a trusted network of professional business analysts, copywriters, photographers, graphic and web designers, illustrators, video producers, printers and direct mail houses. Everything from a traditional print ad to a viral game and from rebranding to an educational program: any of these could be the beautiful truth that touches your target customer. Of course, there’s something beautiful about a healthy cash-flow too.

All of the above

Like many people in business, you may not know quite what the problem is. You may just need more business, more profit, more customers… more time. We can help by evaluating your business, your market and your potential. Whatever it is, it could be worth dropping us a line to get the view from our perspective. It won’t cost you a penny until we agree terms with you.

Contact us here.

PS. We’ve been adding up our experience…

And we’ve worked for major brands, multinationals, nonprofits and small businesses in sectors diverse as food, international aid, football, drink, automotive, education, finance and construction.

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