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Who we are

Nick Wilde and Phil Holden founded Please Walk on the Grass as a result of working together on business-building and marketing projects and as teachers and researchers in marketing and especially social marketing, communications, sports and small businesses and organisations.

Together they wrote Marketing & PR one of the best selling books in the Business on a Shoestring series from A&C Black. The book established their approach to strategy and branding based on truth rather than trend.

As a result, they have been invited to present at business gatherings and conferences and set up Please Walk on the Grass as a central resource for everyone who wanted to accept (or criticise) their ‘creative challenge’. They have presented research in Canada, South America, India and Europe.

Nick and Phil are dedicated to developing new ways of looking at all forms of enterprise – for-profit and nonprofit and, as such, have developed an international network of consultants, researchers and creatives who can approach business in the similar, innovative ways whilst calling on a variety of experience in sectors and skills diverse as telecoms, education, charities, market research, food, advertising, branding, social enterprise, production engineering and logistics.

You can find out about how we could work for your business here.

After publishing Marketing & PR on a shoestringoutlined their pragmatic approach to marketing for small business, a new book Virtually Free was published to guide the smaller enterprise through the process of building their online presence using free and low-cost resources such as Google, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Skype and others. Subsequently the book has been translated and published in China.

Nick has just published a new international book on events marketing and management whilst Phil is planning a new handbook to online marketing, provisionally (and unimaginatively) titled Virtually Free 2 and is currently working with the ‘godfather’ of arts marketing, Keith Diggle on an update of his seminal Arts Marketing.

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