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The perfect present?

December 20, 2016

So as we develop the strange co-operative, consultancy, think-tanky thingczpbdl5w8aa5zqy that is pleasewalkonthegrass (it will all start happening in 2017)
I’ve been thinking about revisiting the strategy model we developed many years ago to help SME managers think.

Then Julie Flower – the talented principal of the Specialist Generalist consultancy  – tweeted this, a festive-themed improvised strategy model. (I hope we’ll see more of her in the New Year).

In the meantime, could our “IPTB” model be tinselled up? Well, yes it could.

It turns out that it works as a pretty good* guide to choosing a Christmas gift for…well…anyone.

So – ask yourself these four questions – then assess your answers  not so much on the basis that they are right, as on the basis of your confidence in your knowledge and understanding to come up with a good answer…

Insight – What does this person really love/want/need?
If you’re buying them a gift based on what YOU want or you think they OUGHT to need…think again. Sometimes you just have to ask them.

Purpose – Why are you buying this gift?
Be honest, are you trying to impress them? IS this gift saying something about you or your relationship with them? Or do you want to make THEIR world a better place?

Truth – Is it a truthful gift; a real gift?
The trickest idea here because we’re so used to equating the VALUE of the gift with the PRICE of the gift. We often assume that because it’s expensive, it’s better AS a gift, but sometimes a gift that takes time and effort to find (or, perhaps, gives time to the recipient) is truly a meaningful gift.

Beauty – Is it the best designed of its kind? Is it the real thing?
It’s not always possible but the well-designed widget is nearly always more worthwhile than the Christmas-themed, novelty widget. And good design does what it’s intended to do… and lasts.

*Now I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll always get the right gift, but like the organisation that truly wants to be customer focused  – giving customers exactly what they want – and sustainably, it’s always got to be worth thinking about.

Happy holiday.

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