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So what have we been up to?

June 8, 2012

I thought it would be useful to remind people of our research so far.  Cover design for 'Even More Virtuually Free Marketing'

I’ve added in books but it doesn’t include forthcoming research such as Nick’s PhD project which will start to roll out this year.

  • Holden PR and Housden M (2012) ‘Even More Virtually Free Marketing’ A&C Black
  • Bladen C, Kennell J, Abson E and Wilde N (2012) ‘Events Management: An Introduction’ Routledge (Available here)
  • Holden PR and Wilde N (2011) Marketing and PR: Getting Customers and K eeping Them… (Business on a Shoestring) 2nd Ed A&C Black (Available here)Cover of 'Events Management'
  • Wilde N and Holden PR (2010) “The Football Replica Shirt as a Major Contributor to Brand Value in the Global Football Market.” 2nd International Conference on Brand M anagement, Ghaziabad, India
  • Holden PR (2008) ‘Virtually Free Marketing’ A&C Black (Available here)
  • Wilde N and Holden PR (2008) “Exploited or Soccer-Mad?: Fans’ Attitudes to the Marketing of Replica Shirts. Early Findings From an International Comparative Survey” Academy of Marketing Annual Conference.  Awarded Best Paper in Track in Sports Marketing
  • Aiken M and Holden PR (2008) “Bourdieu revisited: how his ideas illuminate the way political ideologies affect thinking on the third sector” The Third Sector and Political Ideologies: unpacking relations between organised civil society and the State. Symposium, University of Kent, Canterbury.
  • Holden PR and Wilde N (2007) Marketing and PR: Getting Customers and Keeping Them… (Business on a Shoestring)  A&C Black
  • Aiken M and Holden PR (2007) “Changing places or learning to tango? Values and brands in transition in the for-profit and not-for profit sectors” 6th International Colloquium on Nonprofit, Social and Arts Marketing, London, September
  • Holden PR (2005) “What would Bourdieu make of the Voluntary Sector?” VSSN seminar, London School of Economics, November
  • Wilde N (2004) “The impact of football on at risk adolescent?s health, education and social responsibilities: A study of Charlton Athletic?s involvement in the Positive Futures project”. European Football Conference, University of Central Lancs, Preston.
  • Holden PR and Wilde N (2004) “Defense or Attack? Can Soccer help tackle Social Exclusion?”  paper presented to ISTR Conference, Toronto Canada pdf of paper here
  • Wilde N (2003) “Fashion accessory, social identity or tribal uniform? Exploratory research into the reasons why consumers purchase replica football kits in England and Spain” World Sport Congress 2003 Barcelona. Published in Butenko S, Gil-Lafuente J and Pardolos PM (Eds) (2004) Economics, Management and Optimization in Sports Springer-Verlag, Berlin
  • Holden PR (2003) “Are Charities Ethical Organisations” paper presented to ISTR Fourth Workshop on the Challenges of Managing the Third Sector, Fribourg Switzerland
  • Holden PR (1999) “Charity Branding: Volunteers the missing link?” paper presented to ICFM Convention, Birmingham UK
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