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New updated book!

September 2, 2011
Marketing & PR on a shoestring

New edition at Amazon!

Just back from holiday?

I’m sure there are people thinking about getting to grips with their marketing, and here is just the book to help you.

The nice people at Bloomsbury have made the pages slightly bigger…and…er….well, we’ve corrected a few things and tweaked a bit so….well….oh! And it’s blue now!

[Is that the marketing pitch? Great.]

Anyway, you might want to buy it as it will still fit in your pocket, it is extraordinarily well written and contains real, practical guidance to get marketing (not just promoting).

It also contains the, now infamous, four box matrix of plenitude and refreshment* (but without drinks or snacks) from Holden and Wilde which enables you to answer almost every strategic marketing question for your business or nonprofit.

Let us know what you think.

* Plenitude: 1. An abundance. 2. The condition of being full or complete. Refreshment:  1. The giving of fresh mental or physical strength or energy. 2. A light snack or drink, esp. one provided in a public place or at a public event.

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