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Local food, local marketing…no Tesco

April 26, 2010

The School of Artisan Food

School of Artisan Food

Just heard about this on BBC Radio Four. There is clearly a big need for the skills and enterprise to create thriving local markets for food that are essentially fresh and additive free and don’t consume great quantities of oil in their production (see this Energy Bulletin).

There is no doubt that the food industry is struggling – and retailers seem to squeeze the supply chain right the way back to the farmer.

Bit there is a deeper and more complex issue. Do consumers know what they want? Do they know the real cost of the food they eat? Then there is the question of food security; I’m told we import as much milk as we export – does that make sense? Only if the price of milk differs and we’re consuming the cheaper one.

School of Artisan FoodThe School, located in Nottinghamshire, is a good step forward that should probably be replicated regionally since it can help create a local, low-carbon food market which could be competitive with industrial food production.

It’s also a good example of education being both vocational and aspirational – worth asking the next government to fund I’d say.

I recommend you listen to this programme.

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